AstroTurf Receives Feedback on Golden Series Turf Systems

A groundbreaking synthetic turf system, the Golden Series, is gaining serious ground. It started with LA Recs and Parks, has quickly spread across California, and is making strides in the rest of the country.

For decades the industry has relied on cheaply made, lightweight carpet systems propped up with cheap, commodity sand and rubber infills. Like Windows 95, this was a great introduction 20 years ago. But two decades later that formula is now outmoded. No longer should clients be forced into an inferior turf system because “that’s the way it is.” AstroTurf still makes heavyweight infill system to serve a certain market and will continue to do so. There’s nothing wrong with rubber— it’s just old, tired technology.

The Golden Series is for clients who demand more than a “green side up” approach. With the Golden Series, we have harnessed our half century of experience building synthetic turf surfaces. The Golden Series relies on the most important system component—fiber—for structural integrity and player performance. We’ve incorporated the best elements and technologies into one beast of a system:

  • Heavy fiber weight and high turf density — exceptional durability
  • Unique, lightweight infill for ballast only — more infill options for clients to choose according to preferences and budget, ZERO infill spray
  • No crumb rubber — no negative perceptions, no “tire store smell”, no migration
  • Proven pads — guaranteed shock absorption and grass-like energy restitution

Greg Harcos, AD of the famous Jesuit High School in Sacramento, wrote the following note about his Golden Series DT system, AstroTurf, and the Certified Distributor who installed it (VPG):

To Whom It May Concern:

In the summer of 2015 Jesuit High School finished a $4 million stadium renovation on campus for our Athletic teams and various school programs. This project has been a long time vision for our entire community and to finally see it come to fruition has been so gratifying for everyone at Jesuit. One big decision we had to make was choosing the best synthetic turf system with alternative organic infill that met our criteria. We knew that we did not want crumb rubber in the product and living in the Sacramento Region we were also concerned about the heat. After carefully considering different turf companies, we chose Valley Precision Grading, Inc. to do the final planarity grade and install AstroTurf’s DT system. The DT system includes a Brock pad because we felt that this system would safely fulfill our students’ and parent’s needs and wants. Specifically, the DT product using ZeoFill and the nylon root zone keeps the field cool, the fibers straight, upright, and holds the ZeoFill in place; it also makes for a very durable playing field, ensuring quality and a cool playing surface year-round. We also think our field is the best looking field in the area!

Our new field has a big “Marauder” as the center logo and is lined for football and soccer. The lacrosse lines will be painted. All of our players and opposing teams love the speed of play and how the field feels underfoot. Our Varsity football team went 4-1 on the new AstroTurf surface and our players and coaching staff could not be happier with the field’s overall performance. Another important benefit of installing this “heat reduction technology” product is that it has already lengthened our early fall sports season and will certainly lengthen our spring season as well.

We are very pleased with the final product and the entire process of working with Valley Precision Grading and AstroTurf, from beginning-to-end. VPG/AstroTurf’s representatives, all worked closely with us providing us ample opportunities to look at samples, tour facilities, and make a well-informed buying decision. In addition, we were very pleased with the installation process. I highly recommend Valley Precision Grading and AstroTurf to anyone who is thinking about installing a good drainage base or new AstroTurf field.

Greg Harcos
Director of Athletics