Soccer Turf

AstroTurf leads the way with cutting edge technologies and innovative soccer systems

The ball-to-surface interactions and the high standards of elite players keep us on our toes. We have traveled to fields around the world, consulted doctors who specialize in lower extremity injuries, experts in natural turf grass, we have assembled the most experienced and knowledgeable minds in synthetic turf and the result of that work now comes to life as the reimagined LigaTurf line including XtraGrass — a 100% natural grass field reinforced by synthetic fibers. To be honest, no synthetic turf manufacturer has made the perfect system — but we’re getting closer. Grass is the gold standard that we strive to emulate. Balancing the desire for grass’s playability with the need for high durability is AstroTurf’s mission. Rapid technological advances and evolving product designs are getting the LigaTurf soccer turf product line closer.

Benefits of Using AstroTurf

AstroTurf strives to imitate the playability and safety of the most pristine natural grass fields. Like natural grass fields, artificial turf systems fall along a spectrum ranging from the unplayable to the exceptional. Certain challenges must be overcome in order for a field to be classified as the upper echelon of synthetic surfaces. For this reason and more, AstroTurf launches the LigaTurf product line specifically for soccer. These systems offer a broad portfolio of system choices that fit most budgets. Many are FIFA-certified.

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