Laykold is the number one choice of premier facilities around the world

Laykold was first used in the 1920s. Since then, this surface has been installed at more than 100,000 sports facilities throughout the world. During the tennis boom of the 1960s and 70s, Laykold became established as one of the few materials suitable for hard court surfaces. Thanks to the versatility that it offers today, Laykold has become the global market leader for outdoor tennis courts.

The Laykold acrylic system is an all-weather hard court coating that is both hard-wearing and durable. It can be easily adapted to meet a whole host of criteria in the areas of performance, playability and appearance.

Laykold® is the official surface of major tournaments such as:

  • US Open
  • Miami Open
  • Western & Southern Open
  • Canadian Open
  • Winston-Salem Open
  • San Diego Open
  • Dallas Open



Choose from hard court, cushion court, Laykold Traditional systems or our Laykold Masters systems

Laykold Masters Gel – the next generation in court technology.
Laykold sets the standard in performance with the best force reduction and energy return on the market. Our Laykold Masters Gel products create a new and cutting-edge category in court surfaces which includes sustainable and revolutionary design merged with the best force reduction in court surface systems. Incorporating 60%+ renewable resources, this all-weather court has changed the market.

Both recreational players and elite athletes benefit from the Laykold Masters Gel product with improved player safety, reduction in joint impact, minimized foot depression, and reduced fatigue. The true fence to fence cushioning provides consistent ball speed and foothold, all while reducing injury, and increasing performance. This advanced technology will also retain up to 98% flexibility even after 10 years!

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  • Durable
  • Fade & Wear Resistant
  • Asphalt or Concrete Substrates
  • All weather Tennis and Athletic Surfaces


  • Factory Textured Colors
  • Select Blend of Sands
  • Consistent Surface Pace
  • Designed for Sports Traffic
  • Batch Mixing Equals Superior Quality Control


  • Highly Flexible
  • Ideal for these Surfaces:
    – New Asphalt
    – Cushioned
    – Free Floating
    – Slip-Sheet Surfaces

Cushion Plus

  • Tennis Industry’s Premier Cushioned Surfaces
  • Multiple Layers of Rubber Granules and Powder
  • Encapsulated within Highly Flexible 100% Acrylic Binder

Masters Color

  • High Performance
  • All-Weather, Acrylic Court Surface
  • Proprietary Blend of Factory-Texture
  • Exceptional Playability
  • Enduring Style

Masters 5, 8, Float + Indoor

  • Cutting-Edge Polyurethane / rubber / acrylic composite court systems
  • Custom Prefabricated Shockpad
  • Advanced Player Comfort
  • Coated with LM Acrylics for Consistent Ball Bounce, Reliable Footing and Staying Power

Masters Gel

  • Revolutionary New Cushion Court System
  • Fluid Applied Gel Layer that is Comprised of 60% Renewable Resources
  • Shock Absorbing Monolithic Core Reduces the Impact on Joints for more Comfortable Play

Masters Montreal

  • Engineered Plywood Subflooring Promotes Speedy Installation
  • Superior Force Reduction Properties
  • Laykold® Masters Acrylics Completes this Extraordinary System.

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