AstroTurf Smart


AstroTurf Smart

An intelligent technology for professional athletes, ambitious amateurs, and anyone who wants the perfect solution for recording and documenting their training.

AstroTurf Smart Surfaces is smart technology creates the moment of truth in competition into everyday training diagnostics. The system can be installed directly into existing fields or tracks.

Performance Diagnostics:

Performance Diagnostics are used to test the capabilities of an athlete in a systematic way. They can be used to determine performance status outside of competitions. AstroTurf Smart Surfaces allows for daily testing on core assessments as well as sport-specific assessments.


Making life easier with a Smart Surface.
  • One software system for most of the relevant tests.
  • Competition simulation as several athletes can train at the same time.
  • Fixed measuring points, no setup time required for use in permanently installed systems.
  • Fully automated analysis.
  • Can be used in any weather, vandal proof, and suitable for daily use.
  • Software is updated manually and requires no extra charge.
  • Magnetic gates are available both in ground and mobile.

What Can I Evaluate?

This smart technology records the key parameters:

  • Interval Times
  • Distances
  • Agility Tests
  • Speed
  • Step Counts
  • Stride Length

These results are used to:

  • Adapt training to individual needs based on status.
  • Check effectiveness of training; understand what suits you best.
  • Prevent injury.
  • Generate customized training plans to enhance performance.


Soccer Layout

Soccer Layout
Designated areas for:

1) 3 Cone Shuffle Run
2) 5-10-5 Test
3) Illinois Agility Test
4) Anchor Run
5) T –Test
6) 2 Lane Sprint
7) Jump & Tapping Area

Football Layout

Football Layout
Designated areas for:

1) 3 Cone Shuffle Run
2) 5-10-5 Test
3) Illinois Agility Test
4) Anchor Run
5) 4 Lane Sprint
6) Jump & Tapping Area

AstroTurf Smart Diagnostics

What is it?
  • The data collected by the sensors is analyzed by the Diagnostic software automatically as soon as the sensor is connected via USB to a PC.
  • The software features the ability to sort measurements into “teams” as well as individual “players” and includes filters that allow side-by-side comparison of results.
  • The processed data is available either graphically or in table form.
    Dependent on the filter selected, the data will show a player’s best or average values in comparison to him/herself or the team average.
  • This information gives the opportunity to track progress over the course of an entire season, letting athletes know their position relative to the rest of the team.
  • Measurements are recorded the entire time the sensor is worn and are uploaded automatically once plugged back into the USB.
  • One athlete can do multiple assessments while wearing the belt, and the software automatically recognizes the changes.
  • If a test is performed incorrectly by an athlete, the software will recognize it and give you the opportunity to remove the measurement.
  • Teams and players that are entered intothe software are saved for future measurements.
  • The filter menu allows you to pick and choose which results to view from each category.
  • Easy to export test results into an Excel sheet.