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Where Installation Meets Innovation

At AstroTurf, we pride ourselves on an affinity for research and development which drives our work.

Research & Development

By definition, innovation is constantly changing. As the industry’s leading technology provider, our commitment to Research and Development is unparalleled. Staying on the cutting edge is no easy task.

Grand Opening of the AstroTurf-funded Center for Athletic Field Safety at the University of Tennessee

We put our money where our mouth is! We don’t just have the world’s most advanced in-house turf laboratory, featuring all the crucial testing devices like Berlin Athletes, QUV machines, accelerated wear testers, and more. AstroTurf has invested millions of dollars to fund research into both synthetic turf and natural grasses at the University of Tennessee. UT’s Center for Athletic Field Safety is the world’s largest research facility devoted to sports turf. UT’s research informs our product development and propels AstroTurf’s systems ever closer to the gold standard — professionally maintained natural grass.

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