AstroTurf has partnered with PNC Vendor Finance to deliver customized and innovative customer finance solutions

North America’s most prestigious colleges, universities, high schools, and professional sports organizations count on PNC Vendor Finance to help their organization improve player and fan experiences, accelerate sales and create competitive advantages.

With proven industry experience in the development and implementation of finance solutions, PNC Vendor Finance specialists help AstroTurf clients meet their facility usage and budget needs.

Payments can be framed as fixed expenses that are built into an operating budget, rather than passing bonds. This arrangement also makes the process of replacing a field seamless — especially in combination with cooperative purchasing contracts.

Benefits of Financing with AstroTurf:

100% Cost Coverage

You can conserve cash for other needs. Base construction, installation, taxes, and other fees can be included in the financed amount. Plus, Rekortan running tracks and Laykold tennis courts can be financed with PNC Vendor Finance too!

Lowest Monthly Cost

With financing, you have use of your field with low monthly payments while you benefit from the use of the installation – without making up-front investments.

Conservation of Capital

With 100% total project financing, you are free to spend cash on other items to meet your facility’s needs.

Easier Budgeting

Since major expenses are included in one easy payment amount, budgeting your project expense over time is easier.

Easier Budgeting

Since major expenses are included in one easy payment amount, budgeting your project expense over time is easier.

Fixed Payments

Payments are locked in now, avoiding the risk of potential rate increases due to higher costs in the future.

Flexible Financing Terms

Financing terms generally run from 36-84 months, depending on the type of project and your credit standing. At the end of the lease term, you own the field for $1.

Flexible Payment Structures

Payment plans can be structured to meet your individual, predictable cash flow.

Manufacturer Warranties

Warranties are passed directly to the client.

Preserves Available Credit

Financing with PNC Vendor Finance does not tie up existing bank lines of credit, so you have more available credit from your bank when you need it. Leasing doesn’t apply to bank loan covenants.


More Information

Which organizations are most likely to choose financing?

  • Schools that want the lowest possible payments for fields
  • Existing Field Owners who have struggled to budget for field replacement
  • Rapidly growing sports tourism complexes that need more fields than they can afford with today’s cash flow
  • Schools that want to build an AstroTurf field and Rekortan running track combination project. Even Laykold tennis courts can be financed.
  • Clients seeking a premium system, who only have the budget for a commodity product today
  • Organizations interested in using fields to generate income in rental fees
  • Municipalities that want a loan but need the non-appropriations language of a lease
  • Clients who want to expense payments and include taxes, installation charges and other costs in monthly payments
  • Clients with uneven cash flows who need special payment schedules
  • Customers who want to maintain existing bank lines of credit