Baseball Field

Cooperative Purchasing

The best way to buy an AstroTurf® field.

Too often field buyers want our products but assume they are required to conduct their own formal bid. That results in several problems.

The Problems:

Time and Money — It is common to spend hundreds of collective hours conducting your own formal bid. Considerable time and effort are required, doing market research, drafting specifications, advertising the bid, vetting bidders, conducting interviews and more. Do you really have this kind of time?

It’s Not What You Want — There are multiple bid types (RFP, IFB, hard bid, line-item bids, etc.), and depending on the type of bid you conduct, you may have little choice in your selection. Certain bid types result in general contractors selecting your turf for you. Then you’re married to that turf manufacturer and installer for the next 8 years of the warranty, and you didn’t even get to choose! Price is important, but it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor in your decision.

There is a Better Way

The Co-op Benefits are Clear

A growing contracting method is the cooperative purchasing model. There are many good co-ops that offer contract awards from which their members can benefit. The co-ops ensure that all responding Vendors are fully vetted before awarding the contract, which can then be “piggybacked” by public agencies across the country. This makes it easy to choose an awarded contract with the Vendor your agency prefers.

It’s Easy

They’ve done the hard work for you. Just issue a purchase order referencing the co-op contract you choose, and we can hit the ground running.

It’s Free

Co-op membership is typically free and easy to join online

It’s Legal

RFPs and IFBs are designed to comply with the state requirements and statutes on the front end to allow for maximum flexibility.

It’s Proven

Over the past 20 years, thousands of public institutions, including K-12, universities, municipalities and more, have trusted using cooperative contracts for their purchases. More and more agencies use cooperative contracts each year, for everything from purchasing office supplies and computers, to building a turf field or running track.

Best of All…

Get the product you want from the vendor you trust.