Hybrid Turf Systems

AstroTurf is the exclusive distributor for SIS Grass Hybrid Turf Systems in the United States

AstroTurf, the pioneer of synthetic turf, and SIS Grass, a world leader in sports surface solutions, unite to bring you the future of sports surfaces in the USA. Our exclusive distributorship of SIS Grass hybrid turf systems offers cutting-edge technology for durable, high-performance playing fields.



The revolutionary SISGrass system sets a new standard in sports turf systems, combining the best yarns with unparalleled technology. This results in a turf that not only matches, but exceeds the natural grass in both endurance, and playing hours.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing field, or developing a new facility, our hybrid turf systems provide a sustainable, high-performance solution. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the process, from selection to installation and beyond.


  • 95% Natural Grass Pitch: Enjoy the look and feel of natural grass with the durability of synthetic turf, allowing you to host more events.
  • Extended Playing Hours: Our hybrid turf withstands significantly more use than traditional grass fields, ensuring your facility is always game-ready when it’s time to play.
  • Quick Transformation: Ready to play in as little as 5 days, our system is perfect for facilities with a tight event schedule. Reach out today to learn more about just how quickly when can turn this around.
  • Expert Installation and Support: With installations completed by our experienced crew and ongoing support, we ensure your investment maintains its perfect condition.


Ready to elevate your sports facility with AstroTurf’s advanced hybrid turf technology? Contact us now for a free consultation and discover how we can transform your playing surface into a state-of-the-art field.

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An Inside Look at Hybrid Systems

AstroTurf’s hybrid turf systems, powered by SIS Grass technology, are not just about enhancing the playability of sports fields; they’re about revolutionizing the way athletes interact with the surface they play on.


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