LigaTurf Series

Chosen for the FIFA Headquarters

Soccer is the world’s game and continually grows in popularity. At AstroTurf, we are doing our part to facilitate that growth. Using pristine natural grass as the benchmark, we commit significant resources to studying every aspect of a grass field’s performance including playability, durability, and safety. We use this data and couple it with our turf know how to manufacture the best turf product for soccer.

Further bolstering our efforts, Sport Group has allowed us to collaborate with our worldwide partners in the soccer industry. We particularly collaborate closely with our European team members, who enjoy a majority market share of high-end club’s match or training pitches. These fields represent the best performing synthetic turf pitches in the world… LigaTurf.

LigaTurf is now offered in the United States exclusively by AstroTurf Corporation. The latest LigaTurf systems have emerged as the result of the global collaboration of our Research and Development teams around the chemistry, biomechanics, ball roll, and energy restitution to make the beautiful game even more beautiful on LigaTurf.

Elite Pitches Must:

LigaTurf RootZone Blend

LigaTurf RootZone Blend in Action

  • Replicate natural grass by minimizing the splash of infill particles that sprays when players tackle, strike a ball or change direction.
  • Provide the most grass-like energy restitution and reduce joint fatigue
  • Maintain the most uniform, predictable playing surface over time
  • Reduce the chances of concussion by absorbing the impact of a fall on a surface
  • Ensure optimal cleat release and reduce torque transmitted to joints
  • Deliver the extreme usage expected of synthetic playing surfaces
LigaTurf RS Pro II

This shorter pile system is installed over a pad with multiple infill options. There are two versions, one made domestically, the other imported from Europe. This tried and trusted system has been used elite pitches around the globe.


Infill SplashModerate
Face FibersMonofilament
AestheticsVery Good
Pad Required. Multiple Options Available.
InfillOrganic, EPDM, TPE
LigaTurf RootZone Blend

Grass-like traction with reduced torque to lower extremities. Less infill spray. Consistent shock attenuation. Improved durability. Enhanced energy restitution with pad, and especially with Organic infill.


UsageModerate – Heavy
Infill SplashMinimal
Face FibersMonofilament & Slit Film
AestheticsVery Good
Pad Required. Multiple options available.
InfillOrganic, EPDM, TPE