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Top 10 Reasons to Buy AstroTurf

AstroTurf’s performance results rest squarely on sound research, rigorous testing, and innovation. Performance and safety are at the heart of everything that we do, and we stand firmly on foundation of these principles that have been in practice since 1965.

1. Safety

Our R&D engineers rigorously vet each athletic turf system before it goes to market with player protection as priority #1. Priority #2 is doing so in a value engineered, cost-effective approach that considers player performance.

For example, we always encourage clients to “add a pad”. Pads deliver shock attenuation totally consistent and predictable. But to do so intelligently, our R&D engineers have collaborated with other industry suppliers to develop full SYSTEMS that take into account an understanding of all system components, how they interact with one other, and how the overall system design performs. Sliding a pad under a 1997-style rubber and sand-filled tall system is not ideal… in fact it’s wasteful.

2. Differentiated System Designs

Since AstroTurf first invented artificial turf 50 years ago, it has been laser-focused on innovating systems that come ever closer to the ideal performance of natural grass. AstroTurf offers the broadest portfolio of turf systems on the globe. Driven by ambitious but disciplined R&D, the AstroTurf lineup can meet virtually any client’s needs with systems that deliver sport-specific playability, long-term durability, and the latest in player protection.

3. More Fiber, Less Fill

AstroTurf has always advocated a “More Fiber, Less Fill” philosophy. This approach influences our system designs. We encourage our clients to invest in the most crucial element in the system— fiber! After all, no client has ever had to replace an artificial turf field because the commodity sand and rubber infill wore out — only when the fiber wears out does the field need replacement. For decades the industry has peddled the same tired system — cheap, lightweight carpet systems propped up by loads of commodity sand and rubber infill. But no longer are clients’ choices limited — AstroTurf offers dense fabric construction ideal (from cost and performance standpoints) for the emerging trends in infill and pad technologies.

4. Installation Techniques

All the laboratory research and manufacturing precision in the world is worthless without proper field installation. That’s why we partner with regional installation firms. These distributors are experts in their field. Rigorously vetted, AstroTurf distributors must bring industry experience, impeccable reputations, bonding and licensing, equipment investment, strategic coverage, and more to ensure that our clients receive all that the AstroTurf brand promises. These partners are exclusive to AstroTurf and receive annual training for best practices. Each is certified to install AstroTurf athletic turf fields, which often require specialized techniques due to our differentiated system designs. Proprietary installation techniques developed by AstroTurf include:

  • AstroFusion
    A unique seaming method that utilizes a proprietary one component glue produced in-house — critical to eliminating onsite variables and improving installation consistency.
  • PreFabrication
    Only available from AstroTurf, this installation technique enables us to deliver your field with 90% of the inlaid football markings pre-installed. We use a dedicated, climate-controlled PreFab facility with our own full-time installation specialists. They use a floor-mounted jig system, which allows them to cut markings in UPSIDE DOWN (from the back of the turf) so that markings are clean and crisp. Not only is the quality of PreFabbed fields excellent, but it allows onsite installers to install your field more quickly and devote greater attention to panel layout, infilling, and finishing.
5. Quality Control

The AstroTurf plant has been in continuous operation since 1968. That’s longer than any facility in the industry. Over the half century of operation, the plant has cultivated a wealth of manufacturing expertise and institutional knowledge. That sort of institutional knowledge is not discovered overnight. It is earned through years of experience and the many successes and the mistakes that are hard-earned over the decades. The cumulative experience of decades of triumphs and shortfalls inform our manufacturing processes and material selections. We use industry-best components and control virtually every step of the artificial turf manufacturing process.

6. Warranty and Service

Our approach to customer service and warranty performance is atypical for the industry. We treat all clients with fairness, regardless of their profile or visibility. We offer a strong warranty for 8-10 years. Our warranty language is clean and simple, with no hidden triggers or fine print. AstroTurf offers one point of contact for quality concerns, but we partner with synthetic turf maintenance experts located across the country, ensuring prompt service.

7. Environmental Stewardship

AstroTurf is committed to the environment. Each AstroTurf field can save up to 20,000,000 gallons of water, without use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. The use of rubber infill keeps millions of tires each year out of landfills. At the end of a field’s life cycle, all components can be repurposed for other uses.

8. Stability

AstroTurf was the first brand of artificial turf on the market. First pioneered in 1964 and used in 1965 at the Astrodome on the world’s first indoor baseball game, we’ve seen it all. An industry fixture and the brand leader for cutting–edge synthetic turf technology, AstroTurf has earned a sterling reputation for warranty performance and client trust.

9. Value

AstroTurf’s focus on more fiber and less infill, intelligent design, advanced but disciplined R&D, stellar warranty performance, sport-specific playability, and unique installation techniques all add up to one benefit for turf field owners— VALUE. While we might not always be the cheapest option on the front end, our cost over time is significantly lower. And when you factor in all of the hours of use your AstroTurf athletic field allows, your savings multiply.

10. Ease of Purchase

Athletic turf technology is rapidly accelerating. That’s a good thing. It means that you’re more likely to find a product that will benefit your organization. There are more choices than ever before, between infills, pads, turf designs, companies, and more. But all of that choice can lead to “analysis paralysis”. The good news is that we have dedicated artificial turf consultants ready to help you navigate the complexities of this major investment. If you take a backseat through the process you might get stuck with something you don’t want. So get involved. Get educated. But don’t do it alone. Contact us today.