Cougars Ready to Roam on AstroTurf

Cougars Ready to Roam on AstroTurf

San Antonio, TX – Fort Sam Houston ISD has approved a plan to construct a brand new synthetic turf field at the Robert G. Cole High School Athletic Stadium. The Cole Cougars will soon be playing on a cutting edge playing surface from AstroTurf® that is so advanced, it’ll be the first of its kind ever installed in Texas.

The new field will feature the DT32 product, star of AstroTurf’s new Green Series. What makes this system so distinctive is its use of a specialized infill called ZeoFill in lieu of the traditional sand and crumb rubber infill. ZeoFill is an organic mineral used in health food supplements and water filtration systems that actually helps to reduce surface temperatures. Utilizing a high-density fiber approach that includes AstroTurf’s patented RootZone® layer, the DT32 product synthesizes several different advanced artificial turf technologies into one cohesive system. The result is a playing surface that uses no rubber, has lower temperatures and lower maintenance requirements, and can stand up to high usage environments. It’s unlike any turf system found anywhere in Texas – at the high school, college, or even pro level.

“We have a proud tradition of excellence at Cole and always want the best for our student-athletes,” said Tina Guerrero, Athletic Director for Fort Sam Houston ISD. ““After extensive research, we feel this is the safest playing surface for students.”

Swank Sports, a Certified AstroTurf Distributor, is managing the project, which will include site work, base construction and turf installation. Completion is scheduled for April.
Fort Sam Houston ISD exists to serve the more than 1500 school-age military dependents that reside on Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston. Student safety, both in class and on the playing field, is a top priority for the school district.

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