Glossary of Track Terms

We have all done it. We have used industry insider lingo without thinking about it when talking to someone that is new to our business.  We should all be conscious with our choice of words and stop taking for granted that who we are speaking with understands some of the industry specific terms we are using. This is not just a problem with our business, most professionals have been guilty of it at one time or the other. Since we will probably unintentionally continue to occasionally do it, we thought it would be nice to provide industry outsiders with a “cheat sheet” that they can use to better understand the running track business.  For your reading enjoyment and for educational purposes, we have provided you with a Glossary of Track Terms.

Base Mat – a paved rubber mat.

1C vs 2C – 1 component vs. component product.

PU, Juice, Binder, 1C, 2C, Poly – Nicknames for polyurethane materials

Structural Spray – a 1C coating typically used with rubber to cover tracks.

Porous vs. Non-Pourus – Permeable vs. Non-permeable = water through or no water through.

Full Pour (PUR) – full depth, urethane, no paved black mat for the base.

Flood & Chip – 2C PU squeegeed out onto the track then rubber is thrown on top to excess then reclaimed.

Reclaimed – After PU is cured, excess rubber is picked up for later use.

Broadcast Rubber – 1-3.5 mm EPDM in the track world know as broadcast.

Spray Rubber – .5-2mm (MELOS size) in the track world known as spray.

Encapsulated – Track Surface is coated with PU to lock in rubber granules.

Gel Coat – Qulipur 5052, our 2C full component that is made with some natural raw materials, gel like look.

2C Mixing Machine – SMG makes a 2C mixer to ensure you get the mix ratio correct for 2C full pour.

Pave System – a black mat system.

SBR vs EPDM – recycled SBR rubber vs. EPD – only virgin EPDM for broadcast top.