AstroTurf 3D1

5 Star System for your 5 Star Athlete

The Future of Football Fields is Now

Your program invests a lot into high-performance athletes. You provide them with the best weight rooms, medical facilities, coaches, and training staff. You work hard to address every detail to give your athletes an advantage and to get the most out of their ability. Why would you cut corners on the athletic turf that your athletes compete on?

Our goal was to design a football field with fully integrated components that would encourage peak athletic performance at all levels of competition. The result: AstroTurf 3D1.

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We are the pioneers, the industry leader who brings the game new and improved synthetic turf systems that will determine what the future of athletic fields will look like.

If you are just looking for a run of the mill, traditional, no-frills synthetic turf system, then 3D1 is not for you. But if you are seeking out the most technologically advanced playing surface on the market, then it’s time to make your commitment now to the 3D1 program! This system is firm underfoot, stops fast, releases fast, and starts fast. Technology doesn’t sleep and neither does AstroTurf®. Let us help your program get better!

AstroTurf’s cutting edge 3D1 athletic surface system incorporates the latest in synthetic turf technology including the award-winning TRIONIC™ encapsulated nylon & polyethylene Polytex hybrid fiber system, Supernatural Hybrid EPDM with temperature reducing infused hemp & aquifer-acting Zeofill all-natural mineral infill. This results in a system that is cooler, less abrasive, more durable, and with better fiber memory. The Trionic™ technology goes even further incorporating entanglement and sharkskin technology for better strength and less abrasion respectively. The addition of our special recipe organic infill mixture, and an ELayer® or approved shock pad makes this system a 5 Star that everyone will soon covet!

The “Trionic” fiber’s superior durability, combined with the low infill migration due to AstroTurf’s RootZone, creates an incredibly durable system that will play better and more consistent for longer than other turf systems. AstroTurf’s nylon RootZone has less infill migration than conventional turf systems reducing maintenance and protecting your investment. Our RootZone is like a powerful turf web that entangles the infill and keeps it where it is supposed to be. It reduces splash during play and more infill stays in place than with ordinary systems. And unlike other organic infills, the 3D1 infill mixture doesn’t break down and need annual replenishment. AstroTurf’s RootZone is a unique enhancement to artificial turf. It improves player security by delivering more predictable footing and more uniform shock absorption and energy restitution than traditional turf systems provide. Because the nylon RootZone won’t break down, even years later, your field will continue to look and play just like it did when you installed it.

3D1 will pass all HIC and Gmax standards as well as provide superior footing for athletic biomechanics. Fewer injuries mean more playing time and better athletic performance. AstroTurf’s nylon RootZone will help prevent infill migration creating a safer, more consistent playing surface. While nothing can replace a seldom-used perfectly maintained natural grass field, AstroTurf 3D1 is dedicated to giving you a bit of safety and playability from the best natural grass fields in the world. We’ve spent the last 10 years funding the University of Tennessee’s sports grass farm that has developed the best sports grass fields in the world, used by many of the major sports teams in North America today. The RootZone was deemed the safest turf system biomechanically by Michigan State University and corroborated by The University of Tennessee. 3D1 is the culmination of that latest science in athletic biomechanics and safety. Our goal is to put your 5-star athletes on the safest path to play at the next level.

There is a wide variety of options available for infill materials. All infills that AstroTurf® offers have been exhaustively tested for resilience, melting points, cooling features, degradation under stress, migration tendencies and more. For the 3D1 Turf System, we have chosen SuperNatural EPDM rubber with hemp fibers woven throughout the rubber materials. SuperNatural is manufactured by another Sport Group company, Melos. Melos brings legendary quality standards, clinical German manufacturing precision, and an innovative redesign of proven material in blending natural hemp fibers into EPDM. The hemp in SuperNatural EPDM wicks water, cooling the field by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit versus SBR. Included in the infill mixture is Zeofill that absorbs and slowly releases water to maintain lower field temperatures. The result is an environmentally friendly and recyclable infill that outperforms other organic solutions. We need to consider tomorrow. 3D1 is the turf system of tomorrow, today!

For years, synthetic turf has been described and sold as “maintenance free”. Although synthetic turf does require less maintenance than natural grass, the notion that it is “maintenance free” is wrong. Synthetic turf fields are subject to the exposure weather, UV rays, usage, and a whole host of elements but AstroTurf® considered all of these things when creating the 3D1 system. The 3D1 system Root Zone system by AstroTurf, as well as a 3/8” stitch gauge, combined with Supernatural Hemp EPDM infill all come together to limit fly out and lower your infill migration. This system promises to remain uniform, predictable and high-performing, especially in terms of shock attenuation, traction and ball response. With the 3D1 turf system, your infill stays put and so do your maintenance crews!