Ten Visually Interesting AstroTurf Fields

The old, plain, green rectangle and diamond field designs just may be a thing of the past. While the shapes are the same, schools are looking more and more for ways that their fields can make a statement and set themselves apart from the others. Some make that statement with colors, others go with logo size, and some others even build their fields into a magnificent landscape. We have pulled together a list of some great example of visually interesting AstroTurf installations. These field owners dreamed big and carried out their extraordinary plans perfectly.

When it came time to install a new playing surface, Texas A&M-Commerce employed a strategy that would make them stand out from the rest. Not only do they have a top shelf football as proven by their Division II Football title this past year, but by also having one of the best fields you can find. What better way to set yourself apart than by installing a monstrous 50 X 53-yard, pre-fabricated logo that is the largest mid-field logo in history? Not only is the design sleek and appealing to the eye, but by being this big, it is just one more way to express dominance.


Just standing out in football was not enough for Texas A&M-Commerce. The school decided to go the extra mile by making the brown clay infield for softball, blue. What makes this even more unique is that when the ball comes off the bat during games, the school colors are hopping all over the field.


Shipyard Park in South Carolina has a fitting name. Situated on the Wando River a few minutes outside the southern city of Charleston, you get to play baseball with a great view. Some even consider this facility the best in the Southeast due to the top-notch quality of the AstroTurf fields along with beautiful views of the water from every field. If you time your game just right, you might even witness a sunset on the river during a game!


When your school nickname is “Big Blue” you have no choice but to get a blue everything and that is just what the University of New England did. This university looks like blue heaven with their new blue AstroTurf football/softball and field hockey fields. The Nor’easters took it one step further with an outstanding field layout and their beautiful UNE logo that really pops at centerfield.


Appropriately dubbed “The Beach” by the football program, Belle Vernon High School in Pennsylvania has one of the most unique fields in the country. If it wasn’t unique enough, this was the first AstroTurf GreenSeries DT (more fiber) field east of the Mississippi to be installed at a high school. This all gold field, with black outlines, has proven to be quite the home field advantage the past few years, as the team has boasted a high win percentage playing on their “Beach.”


Every kid grows up wanting to be a Major Leaguer but sadly, most never get close. Going to the ballpark is about as close to that dream as most of us get. But now, kids and adults both can get a little bit closer to that dream by getting to play on a scaled replica of the Philadelphia Phillies’ field at Citizens Bank Park. This unique AstroTurf project helps to add to the game day experience by providing Phillies fans with a true “Field of Dreams.”


Nestled next to pristine California hillsides, Goals Pamona is a unique AstroTurf installation. Sporting 10 soccer fields, each with a beautiful alternating panel scheme, who could pick a better place to play? With each field getting its own unique name, such as “Estadio Azteca (the name of the largest Mexican soccer stadium)”, this gives the athletes a feel for a big-time environment.



Another shining example of the new trend of no endzone letters is Exeter High School (California), the 2013 High School National Champions. The two-tone field is tremendously highlighted by the bring yellow inlays for soccer. The unique Monarch logo at centerfield showcasing a lion topped off with a crown is one of the more creative school logos’ that you will find.


Another blue field made the list, this one being from Luther College in Iowa. As you can clearly see everything in sight has blue, including the aquamarine colored track. Topped off by the Norse logo in centerfield, this all blue and white turf distinctly stands out in the Iowa countryside. Outlined in black, you can see the field and stadium name displayed in white inlays on the home side of the field.


Rocky Top Sports World truly is at the top. Located in the tourist city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this facility offers a chance to play on the best AstroTurf has to offer along with the background of sprawling mountains. With the spectacular scenery, you can clearly see why this facility was named one of the top 10 multi-purpose facilities in the United States for 2017!


With thousands of field installations under our belt, you can bet that we have some great fields to share. The above is just a small sample of our work and you can look for more great AstroTurf sports fields to be shared with you in the near future. As long as our customers continue to dream big and aren’t afraid to step outside of the norm, we will be installing extraordinary fields.