The AstroTurf Nerd – Fiber vs. Infill

Introducing the AstroTurf Nerd, Todd DeWolfe

DeWolfe began in the synthetic turf industry in 1999. He’s been involved in nearly 300 turf projects. He’s in charge of research and product development for AstroTurf. He’s inspired to improve the surface that unites towns and cities from across the globe. The places where your kids play.

This is Todd DeWolfe. The Astroturf Nerd.

Fiber vs Infill

Fiber vs Infill. It’s the age-old question of what’s going to make the system perform and last.

Here at AstroTurf, we are firm believers in quality fibers. Fiber is the component of your system that is going to make your turf last the longest. It’s going to have the playability, the safety, the continuity, the durability. It’s going to keep that product playing safer for longer.

When a system wears out, it wears out because the fibers wear out. You can always add infill to a field. Infill might be 70 to 80 percent of the weight of the product, but it’s by far the least expensive component that goes into a system – the standard infill is. Fiber is where you make your investment. Fiber is what’s going to make that field last the longest and safest.

Our systems our heavy face weight systems. We have systems all the way up to 75 ounces and above.

When you’re talking turf systems and talking fiber vs infill, you never play on 100 percent of the infill or 100 percent of the fiber. It is a system. You play on both. So, getting that system to perform at a high standard, what is going to make that system last longer and more consistent, is a highly durable fiber and an engineered system that contains the right amount of infill and the right amount of fiber for the playability and the biomechanics of the athlete.

So, if you want to get into a top-notch system that’s going to last a long, long time, and keep that playability and durability up and give you the longest lasting system you can have, you want to contact us here at AstroTurf, or or reach out to our regional sales people. Our staff is outstanding, and we look forward to talking to you.