AstroTurf and Coast to Coast Turf Enhance Campus Recreation Experience at Washington State University with New Turf Installations

AstroTurf and Coast to Coast Turf are proud to announce the completion of major turf projects at Washington State University (WSU), designed specifically for enhancing the campus recreation and intramural sports experience. The installations feature advanced synthetic turf technologies, transforming campus playfields into premier recreational hubs for the WSU community.

At the heart of campus recreation is the newly refurbished Valley Road Playfield, home to two large multipurpose fields. With a sprawling area of 383,914 square feet, these fields utilize AstroTurf’s innovative RootZone 3D3 Trionic Blend, designed for superior durability, safety, and playability.

Philip Snider, CEO of AstroTurf, stated, “Our mission is to enhance the recreational and intramural sports experience through top-tier turf solutions. Our success at WSU, in partnership with Coast to Coast Turf, is a testament to this commitment.”

Additionally, the Grimes Way Playfield, another campus recreation facility, has been revamped. The 72,848 square foot space now features the RootZone 3D3 Trionic Blend, offering students, faculty, and staff a world-class recreational environment.

This series of projects reaffirms the successful collaboration between AstroTurf, Coast to Coast Turf, and Washington State University in redefining recreational, intramural, and collegiate sports facilities. AstroTurf and Coast to Coast Turf look forward to continuing their joint efforts with WSU, with a commitment to providing innovative, high-quality turf solutions that enhance the Pullman, WA campus.

Steve Webb, President of Coast to Coast Turf, said, “We’re delighted to have upgraded these recreational fields into top-notch facilities. Our partnership with AstroTurf and WSU enables us to create spaces that inspire recreational play, fitness, and foster a sense of community.”

The companies recently also transformed two outdoor football practice fields at Washington State, known as Rogers Field, covering an impressive 109,407 sqft. In addition to the outdoor fields, the collaborative venture also oversaw the installation of an 82,500-square-foot indoor practice field for the university in 2020.

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