AstroTurf Corporation Scores a Trifecta with Carthage Central High School in Upstate NY

Carthage, NY – Carthage Central High School in Carthage, NY, recently completed three major upgrades with the AstroTurf Corporation. A Class A school competing in the Frontier League of Section 111 of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Carthage has a long history of producing top-notch athletes. The high school is home to professional lacrosse players Casey Powell, Ryan Powell, Mikey Powell, and Mario Ventiquattro. Carthage football made its first state championship appearance in 2019, and all of the sports teams, from outdoor track to soccer, are known for being highly competitive.

Showing their commitment to all of the student-athletes, the Carthage Comets Athletics program installed a series of next-gen products – a new RootZone 3D3 Trionic Blend 52 football field, a Rekortan BSS track, and all-weather Laykold acrylic tennis courts.

“Carthage Comets Athletics chose some of the leading playing surface products for high school athletics on the market today. We’re thrilled to be the company behind the new turf, track, and tennis courts at Carthage Central,” says Ryan Matthews, regional salesman for AstroTurf.

With this new turf installation, the Carthage Comets football, lacrosse, and soccer teams will practice and play on one of AstroTurf’s most advanced products: the RootZone 3D3 Trionic Blend system.

The turf is purpose-built to outlast standard synthetic fields. The texturized layers of fibers are designed to keep the infill in place and reduce migration. The players will also benefit from enhanced safety and stability, thanks to AstroTurf’s patent-pending Trionic fibers. Made from a blend of nylon and polyethylene fused at the molecular level, they offer both incredible resilience and player-friendly grass-like traction.

To optimize player performance even more, the school decided to install a Brock SP14 shock pad underneath the turf. This premium pad will boost shock absorption and guarantee HIC and G-Max measurements.

The Comets also have a brand new logo on the midfield and custom colors on the end zones and borders to match the school’s colors, scarlet red and gray.

“AstroTurf was a great company to work with from start to finish,” said Jason Brown, Carthage athletic director and assistant principal. “They walked us through each step and really turned out a top notch product!”

The new turf looks even more stunning surrounded by a freshly installed Rekortan BSS WB track. It’s a charcoal-colored track with Red Pantone 185C exchange zones. Rekortan tracks are the best in the world. They are the top choice for more than 300 world-certified tracks, and over 2 million square meters of Rekortan are installed around the world each year.

To complete the school’s world-class athletic surface upgrade, Carthage Central opted for Laykold acrylic courts. Laykold is the surface for all the major tennis competitions, including the US Open, the Miami Open, and Davis Cup Events. With a hard court coating, the acrylic system resists wear from the elements, ensuring a smooth, safe playing surface for years. The new courts are scarlet red with a gray border, matching the custom colors of the turf and track.

All three of these leading-edge athletic surfaces come from the global leader in high-performance and environmentally-friendly playing surfaces: AstroTurf. The athletes will start 2022 playing on exceptional turf, track, and court surfaces, making it a great time to be a Carthage Comet.

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