AstroTurf Expands Their Lineup to Grow the Game of Field Hockey

Dalton, GA – AstroTurf is the company that changed how the game of Field Hockey is played. It’s the brand that is known throughout the world for producing fast-playing, non-directional, uniform products that allow for skill development for youth and elite players alike. It’s the system that is demanded by elite programs wherever the game of field hockey is played. It’s the surface that has been the stage for every Division 1 Final Four since the game moved away from grass, and has also become the gold standard for the Olympic games. In short, it is the preferred playing surface by field hockey players.

AstroTurf is a company with a golden past and a tremendous history of building extraordinary fields since 1965, but it is also a company that refuses to rest on its laurels. The company continues to invest significant time, money, and resources to develop the most technologically advanced systems for field hockey players. AstroTurf’s products are tested over and over to ensure that they meet the absolute highest standards. As a matter of fact, AstroTurf has 29 FIH Certified fields on the ground in the United States and no other synthetic turf company comes close to that number.

Field hockey is about the work that’s put in. It’s about the coaching, the dedication, and the leadership. It’s about speed and skill development. But Field Hockey shouldn’t be about the field – and that’s exactly why the field is so important.  AstroTurf understands that the outcome of the game should not be influenced by the surface. Now with an even greater variety of affordable and multi-purpose products, the company is broadening its reach to help grow the game even more.

Because the elite clubs demand AstroTurf for their playing surfaces, there is a common misconception that the company only caters to those types of programs. While AstroTurf does enjoy almost 80% of the Division 1 market and is the choice of organizations at the highest level of the game, it still offers high-performing field hockey surfaces to meet every need and budget.  There is no better way to demonstrate this than by showing you some of AstroTurf’s recent installations that span all different levels and encompasses all of the brand’s product offerings.

Dartmouth – AstroTurf A12

First, let’s start with Ivy League program, Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. They selected AstroTurf’s A12 system or as we like to call it – “The Original”. This is the original AstroTurf carpet for Field Hockey-exclusive fields. Knitted fields are the most durable and the most uniform of AstroTurf’s Field Hockey offerings. Nylon is durable and hydrophilic (it absorbs water) – it’s exceptional for wet play. This is the most uniform and consistent surface and is also the choice of most elite hockey programs. It is important to note that 100% of Ivy League Field Hockey programs play their games on AstroTurf.



Wellesley College

Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts found that our Poligras Platinum system best fits their needs.  Poligras Platinum is a complex, high-tech, tufted system that lays over an E-Layer. This surface utilizes non-directional, polyethylene sports yarn to provide optimum ball surface interaction.  This system is the same as the one used at the last Olympics in Rio.  Actually, under the SportGroup umbrella,  AstroTurf & Polytan collectively has been the surface for 75% of the Olympic Field Hockey games.



Miss Porters

Miss Porter’s School, a private college preparatory school for girls located in Farmington, Connecticut chose AstroTurf’s PGPN for their Field Hockey playing surface.  This is a surface with a polyethylene face and a nylon RootZone over an Armacell pad. This type of field offers durability and is an excellent option for multi-sport fields where a balance of playing properties is important. The pad offers uniform consistency, density, and a good shock absorbency.



The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School, a private college prep school in Wilmington, Delaware, is crazy about their new AstroTurf Green Series DT hockey field. What makes this system so distinctive is its use of a specialized infill called ZeoFill in lieu of the traditional sand and crumb rubber infill. ZeoFill is an organic mineral used in health food supplements and water filtration systems that actually helps to reduce surface temperatures. Combined with an industry tough pad, high-density fibers and AstroTurf’s patented RootZone layer, the DT32 product synthesizes several different advanced artificial turf technologies into one cohesive system. The result is a playing surface that uses no rubber, has lower temperatures and lower maintenance requirements, and can stand up to high usage environments.



Allegheny College

Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania found the perfect system to meet their needs by choosing the AstroTurf RootZone 3D3 HD product.  This is the perfect system for multipurpose fields, especially when sharing with lacrosse, soccer and even football. Shorter and denser than 3D3, it is designed for use with pads and alternative infills. By combining three unique fibers in one system (RootZone, Monofilament, and ultra-durable slit film), RootZone 3D3 HD offers both durability and aesthetics. The combination of this system’s durability and game day good looks is hard for anyone to pass up.


AstroTurf fields have long been regarded as the unequivocal standard for field hockey performance and are the favorite among coaches and players alike for their playability, durability and low maintenance requirements.  It’s no wonder AstroTurf is recognized as the Official Artificial Surface Provider of both USA Field Hockey and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association, as well as a preferred supplier for FIH.  By supporting FIH, USA Field Hockey, and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association for years, AstroTurf has demonstrated time and again its commitment to growing the game and providing access to more high-quality pitches at all levels of the sport.

AstroTurf, the brand that is the undisputed leader in the game of field hockey, continues to work diligently to develop systems that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of field hockey programs in a range of budgets. If you are considering installing or replacing a field for you program, let us provide you with the expert guidance that you need to help choose a system that will be perfect for you. Call us today for a free consultation.

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