AstroTurf GO BIG Program and Sports Tourism Experiencing Huge Growth

Sports Tourism.
Meet AstroTurf.

Meet Sports Tourism.

The sports tourism industry is booming. More and more multi-field complexes are opening every year. These facilities are designed to be meccas for traveling teams. They aim to provide guests with everything they need for successful tournaments – hotels, shopping, restaurants – and of course, high quality athletic surfaces.

Now more than ever, it’s important to do it the right way, with AstroTurf.

The AstroTurf® “GO BIG” program has provided more than 250 fields for these mega sports complexes and has been center stage for thousands of events that have had tremendous economic impacts on their communities. These facilities aim to provide guests with everything they need for successful tournaments – hotels, shopping – and of course, high quality athletic surfaces.

According to a report by SportsETA, “Sports Tourism: State of the Industry,” nearly 180 million people traveled to a sport event in the U.S. in 2019 either as a participant or spectator, which generated 69 million room nights. Also, according to the report, sports travelers, event organizers, and venues spent $45.1 billion in 2019, which generated $103.3 billion in business sales when including indirect and induced impacts.

Building these large facilities and hosting community events, travel teams and tournaments demands a lot. The level of investment – whether private dollars, public dollars, or a blend – requires that every step of the process from concept to completion is executed efficiently. The solvency of the facility and the economic impact on the community depends on thorough attention to every detail.

Synthetic turf is practically a requirement for the long-term success of the multi-field complexes. Maintenance of the natural grass surfaces at complexes with large footprints quickly becomes unfeasible, at least at a level that justifies the rental fees that keep these facilities in business.

Just as sports tourism facilities provide a one-stop destination for teams and families, AstroTurf serves as an indispensable partner in the process – standing side by side during the entire process.

Per the report, a total of 739,386 jobs were sustained by sports tourism in 2019. This included 410,762 direct and 328,624 indirect and induced jobs. Also, sports tourism generated $14.6 billion in tax revenues in 2019, with $6.8 billion accruing to state and local governments.

The rise in sports related travel and spending is also outlined in the report.

The number of travelers attending sports events in the U.S. increased by more than 10 million since 2015. Spending by sports travelers, event organizers, and venues increased by $2.2 billion to $45.1 billion in 2019. Sports travelers, event organizers, and venues spent $45.1 billion across a wide range of sectors in 2019.

At the outset, building these sports facilities seems daunting. You need a partner to be there every step of the way. That’s where AstroTurf comes in.

AstroTurf has the experience, partnership, and capabilities to guide you in the entire process – and that is a lot more than just from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. AstroTurf provides a roadmap outlining some of the ways AstroTurf helps your project earn its return on your investment.

Feasibility Studies
The first step in the process is conducting a feasibility study. You’ve got a vision, but you need a road map to get there. AstroTurf can connect you with third party specialists that will evaluate land access, funding sources and strategies, economic impact to local businesses, regional populations of users and local infrastructure to support influx of visitors. All these factors and more will help you get a clear understanding of what your scope and reasonable expectations should be. Bigger isn’t always better – you don’t want to spend millions of dollars above and beyond what the project will justify. We can work together to set a budget and understand how long it will take to recoup your investment.

Site Analysis
Once you have a budget in mind from your feasibility study, you’ll need to analyze the site to determine how many fields you can build. AstroTurf has on-staff licensed engineers and partnerships with design firms across the country who can analyze soil borings and surveys to assess how many fields you can build. If soil conditions are especially difficult, you may need to build deeper bases and/or stabilize the soil to comply with local requirements for stormwater management. Site analysis is crucial step to laying out the proper plans for your complex.

Surface Selection
AstroTurf has earned a reputation within the turf industry as a company that focuses on innovative technologies and sport-specific playability. We offer a comprehensive range of systems to serve a full spectrum of budgets and sports. Our holistic partnership during the planning stages will allow us to recommend surfaces that balance factors such as player protection, maintenance requirements, heat mitigation and durability. And all designed to fit within your budget. As a Sport Group company, we also offer the full range of Rekortan running tracks and Laykold tennis courts if those surfaces are included in your plans.

Construction and Installation
It really starts to get exciting when we finally break ground. This is when our investment in the project pays off – we’ve been with you through each step of the process, and we’ve got the resources to get your project across the finish line. Construction can take months, so you need to trust that your partner can afford to be there for the long haul.

Our reputation and history mean AstroTurf brings a lot to the table. We’re here to support you. Before, during and after. We don’t just take the check and pack up after we cut the ribbon. Our experienced sports tourism management firms can help you run day-to-day operations and market your facility. These firms can do it all… everything from managing bookings and tournaments, scheduling field maintenance, accounting and more. They also handle the critical aspect of marketing your facility to ensure that you earn back your investment as soon as possible.

Long Term Maintenance and Warranty Support
AstroTurf has the most dedicated service crews in the United States. To keep your field looking and performing its best over the life of your field, you need specialized maintenance partners. We use sophisticated equipment and offer customizable service packages to protect your investment.

We’re looking forward to being your partner. You can count on AstroTurf to guide you through each of the many steps you’ll need to take . . . to turn your vision into a successful project.

As Covid restrictions are easing up, tournaments at these multifield complexes are now in full swing and the demand for sports destination tourism is going to be at an all-time high. AstroTurf® is currently working on “GO BIG” projects in multiple states that will positively affect the quality of life of many communities.

 About AstroTurf®
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