AstroTurf introduces wonder-fiber TRIONIC PLUS

AstroTurf’s wonder-fiber and “The Synthetic Turf Council’s 2019 Innovation of the Year” just got better.

AstroTurf has always prided itself on being the leader of innovation in the synthetic turf industry. It’s latest product, TRIONIC PLUS, is another advancement that is the result of years of pre-market research and development, allowing for optimal long-term integrity and durability.

The TRIONIC PLUS wonder fiber features three distinct added technologies – Sanitized silver-based technology, DualChill thermal shield, and StatBlock anti-Static component. These technologies work together to create a turf that is not only more durable, but also more hygienic, cooler, and safer to use.

Sanitized silver-based antimicrobial technology helps eliminate odors and provides long-lasting protection. It works by eliminating bacterial odors and preventing the buildup of microbes on AstroTurf face fibers. It provides up to 99% reduction in bacteria.

DualChill’s ability to act as a thermal shield strengthens the fibers allowing them to be more resilient and durable over long time periods. Test results done on the same fiber package, with and without DualChill, shows that there is an average of up to 42% improvement in IR reflectivity and up to 12 degrees cooler in fiber temperature.

New carbon-based anti-static ingredient molecularly bound into the face fibers that inhibits the buildup of static electricity. Anti-static components are used in the industry, but AstroTurf brings the first DNA level addition. Testing shows up to a 17-times reduction in static levels when StatBlock is introduced into the synthetic turf fibers.

“We are thrilled to launch the TRIONIC PLUS, which is the result of years of research and development,” said Rob Mitchell, AstroTurf’s vice president of business development. “This cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for fibers in the synthetic turf industry, and we are confident that it will set a new standard for safety, hygiene, and performance.”

Through its development of blending polyethylene (PE) and nylon into a single fiber to create TRIONIC fiber, AstroTurf was awarded “The Innovator of the Year” in 2019 by the Synthetic Turf Council.

TRIONIC was an incredible breakthrough, creating a molecular fusion of nylon and polyethylene that is softer, stronger, and longer lasting.

The secret is in the compatibilizers. These compounds encase the nylon polymers, which are suspended within the PE to reinforce the fiber. These compatibilizers have an affinity with both the PE and the nylon. They are polar on the inside, and non-polar on the outside. In essence, the compatibilizers bridge the gap.


From the industry’s earliest inception until the 1990s, nylon was used nearly across the board for its superior resilience and strength. The downside of all-nylon fibers was well-known. It was abrasive. In the 1990s, polyethylene came into vogue and became the industry standard for tall pile face fibers. The PE fibers were much less abrasive, but they sacrificed the strength that previous generations of turf fields offered. But all of this is in the past as AstroTurf has reinvented PE – making it better, stronger, TRIONIC.

The STC recognized the TRIONIC innovation as a significant accomplishment that helped to advance the industry by providing a fiber that is less abrasive yet more durable. Receiving the award served as validation from industry peers that this fiber is a technological advancement that raises the bar on the standards by which turf fibers are measured.

TRIONIC PLUS takes the AstroTurf wonder-fiber to another level. AstroTurf, the icon that invented the industry, still leads in driving innovation in the synthetic turf industry.

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