AstroTurf Serves as the Stage for the 2019 CrossFit Games

Madison, WI – AstroTurf® will be the stage for some of the fittest individuals on the planet this weekend as the CrossFit Games begin at the Alliant Energy Center August 1st through the 4th.   The CrossFit Games are billed as the ultimate proving grounds for the “Fittest on Earth” and only the top performers will advance from the Open and the sanctioned events for the chance to compete on the big stage.

AstroTurf® introduced the world to synthetic sports turf in the 1960’s, thereby changing athletic competition forever. It went on to invent conversion systems (Magic Carpet, AstroHopper, and AstroLift) that have fundamentally altered stadium operations, affording arenas previously unknown flexibility and revenue opportunities. In fact, AstroTurf® conversion systems have been in use since the installation of AstroTurf® at the Houston AstroDome in 1966. The need for flexible and adaptable systems also led to the creation of the Astro-Mod system being used at this year’s CrossFit Games.

AstroTurf’s Astro-Mod system was the perfect choice for the rigorous challenges that take place at the games as some of the world’s greatest athletes compete.  The Astro-Mod turf panels can be installed and removed with little to no equipment. This is a non-infill system with each panel being approximately 29.5 Sq. Ft per panel. This major innovation in synthetic turf systems, along with the high-performance lightweight materials, allow for easier transportation and installation. The same panels can be used for both indoors and outdoors, providing even more adaptability. This system can be used for small applications like in CrossFit gyms or for larger fields like at the CrossFit games.

The CrossFit Games have longed served as a celebration and test of fitness of the highest caliber, and the thirteenth installment of the games promises to be one of the great exhibitions in the history of fitness. There will be plenty of action on the AstroTurf® surface and much heart and determination showcased.  The event will be a great display of community, desire, and passion, and AstroTurf® is thrilled to be at center stage for it all.

About AstroTurf®
For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s website at