Corpus Christi Is Covered in AstroTurf

Corpus Christi, TX – The Corpus Christi Independent School District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for its latest athletic turf installations, and now the school district can tie a bow on a multi-phase renovation project that utilized AstroTurf® exclusively. Cabaniss Baseball Field was officially reopened on February 27th, two weeks after the softball field was completed, and both venues now feature cutting edge synthetic turf from AstroTurf.

The baseball and softball fields join a long list of athletic fields that were converted to AstroTurf as part of voter-approved bond issue that enabled the district to upgrade its infrastructure. Last summer five of the six area high schools had AstroTurf installed in their football stadiums, and the Cabaniss Sports Complex received AstroTurf’s groundbreaking Trionic™ turf for the soccer pitch, the first such installation in the state of Texas.

“We have received wonderful feedback from the community about our renovated fields,” said CCISD Athletic Director Brenda Marshall. “We are grateful to the Corpus Christi community for approving the bonds that helped make these projects possible, and we look forward to supporting our athletes at our high-quality facilities for years to come.”  

Both fields now have new artificial turf from AstroTurf’s Diamond Series line of synthetic turf systems. The Diamond Series is comprised of integrated turf products that are specifically engineered to emulate the look and feel of natural surfaces. The artificial grass portions replicate the ball bounce and underfoot feel of natural grass, while the skinned infield and base paths use turf that delivers accurate sliding distances and mimics the look of clay. The premium grade Diamond Series baseball and softball turf chosen by CCISD also features AstroTurf’s RootZone sub-layer, a patented innovation that enhances the turf’s durability and consistency.

In addition to providing excellent performance and resilience, the AstroTurf fields require less maintenance than traditional surfaces and have much better drainage. That translates into less rain delays, cancellations, and reschedules due to wet weather. For a city with a coastal climate like Corpus Christi, that’s a huge factor and one that could make Cabaniss Sports Complex an attractive venue for baseball and softball playoffs and tournaments in the future.

Swank Sports, a certified AstroTurf installer, handled installation of the baseball and softball fields, as well as all of the previous AstroTurf fields brought in to CCISD last summer.

About AstroTurf®
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