Everyone Appreciates a Good Sports Logo

Let’s face it, nothing quite makes a football field like a bright, big, bold logo.  We love it when a customer has a unique idea and asks if we can make it a reality, because we say “Oh yes we can”!  The logo is the main focal point of the field and a great representation of the school so it’s our opinion that you should go big or go home. Over the years, we have seen just about everything and we do have our favorites.   We wanted to share with you just a few that went “big” so here they are in no particular order.

Let’s start this list off fast as a Jackrabbit… a South Dakota State Jackrabbit that is.  Pre-fabricated into the form you see, this bright yellow jackrabbit, not bunny, is the centerpiece of this stadium. The speed of this animal is very relevant due to the high powered and fast scoring offense that this team puts on the field.


The University of Central Missouri Mules adopted the name in the early 1900’s after a contest to see who could pick out the best name for the school. The red bodied and white toothed mule was installed with the football field in 2017 and the baseball field in 2016 and helps to show the strength and toughness that this team puts on the field. Uniquely enough, the men’s teams are only known as the mules while the women’s teams at the school are known as the “Jennies.”


Ottawa University in Arizona has a field that belongs in the desert. Everything on this field from the colors, panels, and logo, scream Arizona. The logo is emblazoned in multiple colors, all of which fit in perfectly in the surrounding landscape. The burnt orange and red give the “Spirit” logo its distinct look.


This mascot might top the list of most unusual in high school, and the logo also easily cracks our list as well. New Braunfels High School in Texas got their logo from the coat of arms of Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, this blue unicorn was a salute to the city’s German roots. The funny thing is, it turned out the coat of arms depicted a lion instead of a unicorn, but the school stuck with their now famous mascot. Beautifully designed with this spiraled horn and strong white mane, this logo is not only unusual but artistically stunning.


Have you ever seen an angry camel before? Campbell University, an FCS school in North Carolina (as shown by the state outline surrounding the camel) went with this unique logo on their latest field. This bright orange camel, with shiny white teeth gritting for success, gets extra help from the black background to make it stand out. Also, look at the detail on the shoreline of the state itself, magnificent pre-fabrication work!


What is cooler than a fire breathing dragon… I mean come on. We all know the powerful mythological creature is stuff of legends and has been put on a pedestal due to the success of Game of Thrones. Now, Lakeside High School in Ohio has used the dragon logo well before the series. This scaly green creature with a tan underbelly and its white claws is already impressive enough but add in the fire spitting out of the mouth and you have one unforgettable logo. Well done Lakeside High School, well done.


The majority Hispanic Mendota High School sticks very closely to its roots with this breathtaking logo. The mixture of the teal and white headwear on the tan face gives it a real life feel. What makes this logo so important is that it symbolizes a community. If you watched the SC Featured “Mendota,” you could see how this football field and Aztec logo are so invaluable to the community. That alone was enough to break into this list, but having the breathtaking logo did not hurt.


Nestled in the hills and woods of the Ozarks, is the home of the Hillbillies. The logo is loaded, literally, with color and design. Grasping his weapon of choice, this muscular bearded man is donning a purple hat to go along with his purple overalls, the school color. What is truly impressive is the artistic design that allowed for the tiny buttons on the overalls that truly bring together the look. Not to mention the field isn’t so bad looking either.


Blue Springs South High School comes leaping in with this 40-yard-wide logo. This spotted blue and white leopard with teeth flashing, is beautifully constructed. This is just another great example of the incredible design work that goes into these logos. No detail is missed even on the biggest of logos.


Finally soaring in (lots of puns in this list) is Etiwanda High School. It’s hard to leave America’s bird off this list. The only eagle with the white head is the Bald Eagle, although the school is simply known as the Eagles. This beautifully designed bird was intended to look intimidating, which it did with the menacing red eyes. The attention to detail cannot be overlooked here, with the wings of the eagle stretching out over the Etiwanda lettering.

We hope you have enjoyed a look at some of our favorite logos that AstroTurf has installed over the years. As we said, this is just a small sample of the many beautiful logos that adorn our premium playing surfaces.  After installing thousands of synthetic fields over the years, you can be sure that we have a huge selection to choose from. So many in fact that you can count on another sample of our logo work in the future. And to our customers, keep envisioning your dream field that will stand out from the rest of the pack and we will be here ready to make that dream a reality.