Extraordinary Multi-Field Complexes

Why build just one field when you have the space for more? After all, there is no shortage of athletes waiting for some field time in our communities. Whether it is a parks department shuffling schedules to meet the needs of the youth teams in their city or it’s a destination complex organizing regional and national tournaments, the demand for multi-field and multi-purpose facilities is skyrocketing. AstroTurf has definitely been a part of their fair share of these type of complexes and we are happy to share some of the amazing facilities that we have had the honor to be a part of creating.


Rocky Top Sports World in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the first multipurpose facility on the list. Coming in at 6 fields with Rootzone 3DM, this complex sits in the Great Smoky Mountains. These fields can host a variety of sports, as shown by the field goal in the lower part of the picture. In addition, while coming to town for tournaments, the family can get out to enjoy everything this tourist destination has to offer.


Nestled into a tiny inlet is Shipyard Park. This facility boasts 5 AstroTurf Diamond Series fields. What makes this park so unique is that it is situated right next to the Wando River directly outside of Charleston, South Carolina. You might even get lucky and hit a homerun in the water before you are able to go enjoy all that the vibrant Southern city has to offer


West Texas A&M, home of the Buffaloes, has sported this magnificent facility since 2011. The university utilizes these fields for a variety of sports. Lit up under the cover of darkness, the true beauty of this sprawling complex can be revealed at night.


The Maryland SoccerPlex & Discovery Sports Center consistently impresses and amazes. It was recently named the best soccer facility in the country by a poll of experts conducted by Connect Sports. The complex boasts a total of 24 fields with 3 of them being synthetic turf installed by AstroTurf. When looking to replace their artificial fields they chose AstroTurf with Zeofill, an organic infill that will help keep the surface cooler than traditional sand and rubber infill. Director of Grounds & Environmental Management for the facility said that “AstroTurf provides better safety for athletes competing at the SoccerPlex and we think environmentally it was head and shoulders above other alternatives we reviewed.”


Spanning 16 total fields, alternating panels, and one stadium, the USSSA Space Coast Complex in Melbourne, Florida, is perhaps the gold standard of multi-field complexes. Each field includes an alternating panel style that is stunning. This complex has 1.4 million square feet of AstroTurf’s Diamond Series product. The main stadium has the USSSA logo placed in centerfield since that field is the centerpiece of the facility. All it takes is one glance to fall in love with this view.


Grand Park in Indiana is in the process of installing 18, yes 18, AstroTurf Diamond Series infields. This facility is also very large and sees a lot of playing time throughout the year. The ability to use AstroTurf’s designs and product allows them to host more games along with a better chance of playing through the weather.


Talk about baseball with a view. This is the Kansas City Urban Youth Academy. What makes this project so unique is that it was funded by MLB’s Kansas City Royals. It also serves as a non-profit organization that provides to under served youth within the Kansas City community. Each one of these fields are Rootzone 3D3, which gives these youth the absolute best fields to play on.


With 12 fields and 1,216,800 square feet of total playing surface, there is a reason that DE Turf in Dover, Delware, is one of the premier soccer/lacrosse facilities in the country. The main goal of this facility was to draw attention to Delaware’s tourism industry and provide the best athletic playing experience possible. That has without a doubt been accomplished since DE Turf hosted the US Lacrosse National Championship in 2017, just one year after the venue’s completion.


The Los Angeles Parks and Rec division has chosen AstroTurf as their main turf provider for well over 15 fields. This image below is just one of the many possible ones that could have been chosen. Most of these fields are the AstroTurf DT series, which means instead of rubber being used on the fields, it is being replaced by more fiber. With over a million square feet of total install with these fields, LA has one of the premier public facilities you can find.


Total Sports Wixom in Ohio is a unique facility. Inside the domed athletic area lay thousands upon thousands of square feet of AstroTurf Rhino Blend. This domed area allows the facility to operate regardless of what the weather conditions are outside. This is just another reason as to why artificial turf can be so valuable. Just like you can see in the picture above, the kids seem to have a great time on it.


These are just a sample of the hundreds of multi-field projects that we have helped design, manufacture and install over the years. The demand for these type of facilities are at an all-time high right now so we should soon be able to share even more great field projects with you in the very near future. AstroTurf is proud to be able to provide high quality, premium playing surfaces designed with performance and safety in mind. New multi-field projects are being developed all across the country giving you and your family more opportunities to compete and lead active lifestyles. The stages are being set, so now go play!