Judge Validates AstroTurf’s Measurement Protocols to Prove Non-Infringement of Patent

Detroit, MIA judge in a Michigan court recently ruled in favor of AstroTurf’s protocols for measuring infill depth.  These protocols, which AstroTurf has consistently employed since October of 2015, prove non-infringement of the ‘412 patent.  This ruling pertains to Civil Action No. 2:10-cv-12492-SJM-MJH in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division.

“While AstroTurf argued against infringement and the validity of the patent at trial, we are pleased that the Court has approved of our methods to demonstrate non-infringement of our current product lines,” said Heard Smith, AstroTurf’s Chief Operating Officer.

AstroTurf will continue to employ these protocols to prove non-infringement.  The patent in question deals with infill depth as a percentage of a turf system’s pile height.  The validation of these protocols provides peace of mind to clients, consultants, and the rest of the industry, as it creates clear guidelines that will protect against litigious marketplace tactics.


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