Kim Summers Appointed as National Director of Cooperative Purchasing for Sport Group America

Dalton, GA – Sport Group America is delighted to announce the promotion of Kim Summers to the esteemed position of National Director of Cooperative Purchasing. This move is testament to Kim’s unwavering dedication, in-depth knowledge, and her multifaceted experience that she has demonstrated throughout her tenure with the organization.

Kim began her illustrious journey in the synthetic turf industry two decades ago with Synthetic Turf Resources. Recognizing her potential early on, she transitioned to a pivotal role at AstroTurf in 2010 as an estimator. Over the subsequent years, she broadened her expertise by embracing various challenging roles encompassing pricing, contracting, and systems management.

Kim’s colleagues and associates unanimously agree that her comprehensive grasp of the business landscape, combined with her on-ground experience, positions her to lead the cooperative purchasing department with vision and vigor.

Cooperative purchasing refers to the practice where multiple organizations or government entities collaborate to pool their buying power and purchase goods or services as a collective group. By combining their procurement requirements, the participating members aim to achieve economies of scale, thereby reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and securing more favorable contract terms than they could individually.

As she steps into this pivotal role, Kim is expected to bring in a new wave of strategic enhancements, optimizing processes, fostering partnerships, and ensuring that Sport Group America remains at the forefront of the industry.

Sport Group America extends its hearty congratulations to Kim Summers and looks forward to an even brighter future under her leadership.

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