Laykold® Gives Some Hard Rock Appeal at the Miami Open

Miami, FL – AstroTurf’s sister company, Laykold®, demonstrates a great example of transforming sport and space at the Miami Open during the renovation of Hard Rock Stadium. This undertaking was no small feat as Hard Rock Stadium was converted from a football stadium to a first-class Tennis Complex.

The renovated stadium takes luxury to a new level and every detail was painstakingly thought out and tested. As the Official Surface for the Miami Open, Laykold® designed new court colors specifically for the event. Oasis Blue and Biscayne Blue capture the sea, the sky and the sizzle of tennis at the new Miami Open and provides a stage for the best players to rock.  

Even though these colors were designed for the Hard Rock, now they are available to you when you are ready to repair or resurface your tennis court and want to rock the same look as the 2019 Miami Open. Laykold® systems and color selections are rigorously tested to perform at the most elite level and the Miami Open colors have been tested to ensure visibility. Now you can get the same performance and look for your courts.

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About Laykold: Laykold is the choice of premier tennis facilities across the world, and is also widely used for all-weather courts for pickleball, basketball, futsal and more. Laykold has been the official surface of the Miami Open since 1984, the NY Open, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Safe Places to Play. Laykoldsystems are court surfaces that can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance. The Laykold and Laykold Masters line include a wide variety of hard court and cushion court systems to meet your specific needs.