Midwestern State Revamps with AstroTurf

Wichita Falls, TX, October 4, 2016 – Last December, the MSU Board of Regents approved a multimillion-dollar plan to upgrade many of the school’s athletic fields. Now that plan has come to fruition. Today Midwestern State University features several state-of-the-art playing fields from AstroTurf®, the pioneers of the synthetic turf industry.


Midwestern State Intramural Fields, during installation

All of these artificial surfaces feature AstroTurf’s 3D3 product, a premium synthetic turf system. For long-lasting aesthetics, AstroTurf 3D3 uses the High Micron monofilament fiber, whose specialized thickness helps it to resist wear and tear and stand upright over time.  For durability, AstroTurf adds in slit film polyethylene fibers.  The 3D3 system also features AstroTurf’s RootZone® technology, a proprietary infill stabilization system invented, patented and improved upon by AstroTurf. This sub-layer of texturized fibers holds the infill in place, preventing compaction, splash, and migration. The result is a clean, consistent playing surface, which has garnered rave reviews for its performance, durability and safety.

“We are thrilled to give our student-athletes the opportunity to play on these exceptional AstroTurf athletic surfaces,” said MSU Athletic Director Charlie Carr. “The fields are fantastic and the AstroTurf team did a tremendous job with the whole project.”

Midwestern State

Following an AstroTurf softball field installation last year, the most recently completed renovation phase at MSU was the intramural fields, which include a full-length football practice field, a shorter companion football field, and two soccer pitches, totaling over 200,000 square feet of synthetic turf. Before the area could even be surfaced the site needed grading, drainage construction, and engineering to re-orient the football fields, all handled by AstroTurf’s in-house construction design team. AstroTurf also installed goalposts, soccer goals and netting.

The Midwestern State campus also had an AstroTurf 3D3 surface installed on a soccer practice field back in June. The new synthetic turf field has helped the mighty Mustangs prepare for the fall soccer season, which has seen the men’s squad open up at 7-2-1 and the women’s team at 6-2-2. The field is also lined for rugby.


About AstroTurf®

For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s recently redesigned website at www.astroturf.com.