Ringgold High School is a Synthetic Turf Pioneer Once Again

Monongahela, PA – Joe Montana Stadium is the home of the Ringgold Rams and now it is also the home of AstroTurf’s new Trionic fiber. Trionic is AstroTurf’s new wonder-fiber that is the talk of the synthetic turf industry.

Ringgold High School has a long history of leading the way when it comes to choosing groundbreaking products. Ringgold was the first football installation of a long pile infilled turf system in the United States when they installed their first synthetic field back in the summer of 1997. Now, proving again that they are ahead of the curve, the Rams are one of the first owners of the most technologically advanced artificial turf system on the market. When the decision was made to modernize their field, they chose AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D3 with Trionic.

The turf itself is in a class of its own. AstroTurf’s Trionic Fiber is a super-fiber that reinforces player-friendly polyethylene fibers with ultra-durable nylon polymers in a feat of chemical engineering never achieved before in the turf industry. The 3D3 designation means the field also has AstroTurf’s RootZone, a sub-layer of crimped fibers that stabilizes the infill and increases shock absorbency. The turf has a 52-ounce face weight, meaning it has very dense stitching. All of these factors combine to make a synthetic turf that is stronger, safer, better and more resilient.

Ringgold High School joins Kansas State University, Lock Haven University, Delaware State, and others as early adopters of the Trionic fiber. Ringgold will benefit as this fiber delivers a massive improvement in resistance to wear. This molecular fusion of nylon and polyethylene means that the fiber is better, stronger and lasts longer.  

Ringgold High School is not only getting a field that is unmatched for durability but one that is also aesthetically appealing. The alternating green panels with an oversized logo and end zones of Navy and Vegas Gold make for a bright and beautiful field.

The Rams have a lot to be excited about as they kick off their football season this fall. To go along with their new AstroTurf field, they will also have a new coach at the helm. Legendary coach, Mike Zmijanac, will lead Ringgold after winning six WPIAL championship and one PIAA championship at Aliquippa. Ringgold High School will debut its new field on September 7th when Indiana High School visits.

About AstroTurf®
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