Stevenson School Continues Momentum with AstroTurf

Pebble Beach, CA- There is a lot of excitement happening across the street from the Stevenson School as the U.S. Open Championships are in full swing at Pebble Beach Golf Links. Some will say there is just as much excitement on the Stevenson side of the street as the school continues athletic facility upgrades with yet another AstroTurf® premium playing surface.

Last year, AstroTurf® installed a top of the line field for Stevenson’s Soccer and Lacrosse programs and they are continuing that momentum with the installation of a new synthetic turf football field and the resurfacing of the surrounding running track.

The field itself is AstroTurf’s most popular stadium turf due to its combination of long-lasting performance and game day good looks.  The RootZone 3D3 system results in minimal infill splash and better shock absorbency, while improving safety, playability and durability. Also included in the system is Trionic®, AstroTurf’s patented new wonder-fiber.  Trionic® is a blend of polyethylene and nylon fibers that is quickly revolutionizing the synthetic turf industry.

Also included in the system is a Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad. The pad provides impact absorption characteristics that reduce the risk of concussions, while also retaining firmness for ball response, running, and limiting risk of lower extremity injuries. The system will also feature the first installation of BrockFILL® in an AstroTurf system on the west coast. BrockFILL® is the latest and greatest alternative infill in the synthetic turf industry. The unique properties of wood make BrockFILL significantly cooler than crumb rubber, even without irrigation. The particles are naturally hydrophilic, so they absorb rainwater and condensation to their core. The moisture is slowly released from the particles for extended cooling. Installation of the new field will be performed by AstroTurf® distributor Valley Precision Grading of Rancho Cordova, CA.

AstroTurf Regional Sales Manager, Dominick Berarducci stated, “This field will raise the bar for performance, safety, playability and durability of synthetic turf fields in Central California. This is a complete turf system that is high performing from top to bottom, side to side.”

The Stevenson School is named for legendary author Robert Louis Stevenson who penned such great works as Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. Many of the buildings, the school newspaper, and sports teams are named after places or themes from Robert Louis Stevenson’s works and life.

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