The City of Dothan Installs State-of-the-Art AstroTurf to Complete $12M Rip Hewes Stadium Renovations

Dothan, Alabama – Rip Hewes Stadium, home of the Dothan High School Wolves football team, is undergoing the second phase of a major renovation project planned by the city. The main feature of this facility upgrade is a leading-edge turf system manufactured by the most iconic name in the synthetic turf industry – AstroTurf®. With a new, high-performance playing surface, the Dothan Wolves, as well as other local athletes that use the field, will get to enjoy the best that the artificial turf industry offers.

The new field is one of AstroTurf’s most popular products: the RootZone 3D3 Blend system. With the RootZone, a texturized layer of fibers designed to encapsulate the infill, it’s one of the most powerful turf systems on the market today. This innovative layer improves safety, durability, and playability through consistent shock attenuation and reduced infill spray.

To complete their field, Dothan also opted for a Brock SP17 pad with 100% engineered organic infill. Brock is the leader in shock pad and organic infill technology in the United States, and the company is well-known for creating products that are great at absorbing impact.

“Dothan City Schools is very excited about the upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium,” said Dothan City School athletic director Jessica Noble. “Especially the new turf installation completed by AstroTurf.”

Once the field is done, Rip Hewes Stadium will have a brand-new turf, a repaved parking lot, new lights, recently renovated concession stands, and new locker rooms for both home and away teams. The city is spending over $12 million to give the stadium a more modern look.

“The City of Dothan is very excited about our new AstroTurf football field at Rip Hewes Stadium,” said Andrew Love, General Services Director for the City of Dothan. “Our stadium is a great venue for local sports and will continue to be for many years to come with the improvements we’re making to the field and the stadium.”

Rip Hewes Stadium is primarily used by Dothan High School Wolves Football team, an athletics program with an impressive history. The team played its first season in 1912, with its first undefeated season in 1927.

Then in 1936, W.D. “Rip” Hewes, the man the stadium is named for, came to Dothan to coach the football team. He proved to be a tremendous source of inspiration for the city – his team went undefeated in his second season and was one of the best teams in Alabama for years. After retiring from coaching, he went on to become the City of Dothan Recreation Director and a charter member of the Dixie Youth Softball program.

The stadium was built in 1963, and the first football game was played there the following year.

The first scheduled game at the facility for this is Thursday, Aug. 18 with Northside Methodist Academy hosting Houston County. A week later, Dothan High hosts Lee of Montgomery for its first home game. Both NMA and Dothan have five homes games at Rip Hewes this season.

The new AstroTurf installation is marked for football and soccer. As a result, Dothan soccer teams could also use the facility in the spring.

Rip Hewes has also been the site of a few major events held in the city, including a speech by evangelist Billy Graham in 1965, and another by James Robinson in 1976, which was attended by 12,200 people. The famous wrestler Hulk Hogan faced Harley Race at Rip Hewes Stadium in 1979.

With a fresh look, modernized facilities, and high-tech turf, Rip Hewes Stadium will continue serving as a source of pride for Dothan. The Dothan Wolves will start their first season on the new field this August.

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